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Entirely handknitted wool blanket, with four big pompoms, one in each tip.

This is a super-warm, sturdy blanket. Because it's made of 100% wool yarn, it has the characteristic heavy-weight of antique blankets. It can be used as a rug, a blanket or just has a cozy sofa throw.

dimensions: 39" x 33,5" inches
materiais: 100% wool of portuguese yarns
Arraiolos wool yarn + Zagal wool yarn

Manta inteiramente tricotada à mão.

Esta é uma manta muito quente.
Pode ser usada como tapete pois é suficientemente resistente.

dimensões: 100 x 85 cm
materiais: fios portugueses 100% lã portuguesa


A Manta vem acompanhada duma gravura da ilustradora Joana Rosa bragança, criada exclusivamente para a Mi Mitrika e inspirada nas suas mantas.

A oferta é limitada ao stock existente.

Handmade goods for every family
by Alexandra Macedo

I have a blog for some years now and I spend much time walking in portuguese cities finding antique vintage treasures. When I'm not photographing, I spend my days crocheting and knitting with portuguese yarns that I find in small city shops. 

Before I make a blanket or a pillow, I like to draw in my squared page notebook: schemes, patterns and designs that I develop from my own memories and what I see in the cities I visit. Portugal can be a museum if you pay attention to every detail. These subtleties: the geometric shape of a door, a fallen leaf from a tree, a hanging blanket from a window are  living memories to design upon.

You can follow my work on my blog where I register these visual impressions on a weekly basis.

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